LPD Records series – the playlists

Y’all know by now that I have writing playlists for each of my books. Sometimes the lyrics remind me of the characters or a situation. Sometimes a song just feels like a part of the novel to me.

In the past I posted the playlists in a couple of different ways – with Hammers & Heartstrings I posted it in snippets through this blog. With Three Chords & the Truth, I did it through Instagram stories.

When it came to sharing the False Notes & Broken Frets playlist, I decided it might just be easier to use Spotify to share them with y’all.

(I do want to dive in a little bit deeper with the False Notes & Broken Frets playlist, so I might just do that in a later post. But for now, I’ll just share it.)

So here you go. Playlists you can follow on Spotify and listen to whenever you’d like to!

❤ Elle Bennett

False Notes & Broken Frets

Hey, y’all! Good news –  you can now pre-order False Notes & Broken Frets on Amazon (for Kindle – the paperback version will be available on the release date)!

It will be available to read as of August 11th, 2020! I’m so excited for everyone to read this one. Much like the other two books in the LPD Records series, it’s about musicians. But this one is a little more lighthearted, a little funnier, and a standalone novel.

Also, it’s bisexual as hell, features the fake dating trope, and has a really cute cat. If that’s not enough to make you pre-order it then I dunno what else I could possibly lure you with.

Oh! It also has a lot of kissing. And a happily ever after, of course.

Click here to pre-order, and here to add it to your Goodreads.

❤ Elle Bennett

LPD Records series #3 reveal!

So, I was going to wait until Monday to post this because I know that the weekends aren’t the best time to reveal stuff, but…

I’m too excited to continue to wait. So. Here goes!




Joan Washington just got the gig of a lifetime – lead guitarist for Jordan King. She packed her bags, moved to the big city, and has decided to be single for the first time in a long time. No romantic distractions – just the music.

Jordan King was once known as boy band royalty. Now he’s moving on, releasing a solo album. His new band is nothing like his old one, and he definitely won’t be making the same mistake this time around by dating someone in it.

Of course, his label has different plans.

After a single picture shows up in the tabloids of Jordan and his ex-boyfriend, his manager throws Joan and Jordan into a PR relationship.

It’s fake, though. Totally fake.

They definitely won’t fall in love with each other.

Of course not.

False Notes & Broken Frets includes:
Two bisexual musicians
A cat named after Freddie Mercury
One. Bed.
A happily ever after!


You can add False Notes & Broken Frets on Goodreads now! There will of course be an Amazon link eventually to pre-order but I’m not quite there yet.


This book will release by the end of 2020, though I don’t have an exact release date just yet. I can’t wait for y’all to read this one!


❤ Elle Bennett



(Almost) New Year, New Covers!

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote here – but in my defense, does anyone really read blogs anymore?

Anyway. I decided to do a little bit of revamping on my covers for my books. I’ve updated Clipped Wings, Hammers & Heartstrings, and Three Chords & the Truth! I previously used a cover making program I didn’t love, and I think this new program I’m using works a lot better. I hope y’all enjoy them!


Oh, also – in celebration of the new covers, Clipped Wings will be free December 2nd – December 6th!


new clipped wings cover









❤ Elle Bennett

Cover reveal

I’ve decided to release the cover for Three Chords & the Truth – the second book in the LPD Records series (aka the sequel to Hammers & Heartstrings)! Are you ready for it?


Andrew is able to go one year before he finds himself in bed with April again. He never did fall out of love with her, and for a moment, he thinks she might still feel the same way. But she’d rather stay bandmates than get back together. That is, if they can even remain bandmates, considering that his band is falling apart.
Andrew has to figure out a way to keep the band together and get his ex-girlfriend back for good, or he’ll have to live with the fact that he may just be better off alone.

Three Chords & the Truth will be available August 20th, 2019, but you can add it to Goodreads now. I can’t wait to share Andrew’s story with y’all.


❤ Elle Bennett

Happy NaNoWriMo, everyone!




It’s November, and you know what that means – NaNoWriMo. I didn’t do it last year, partially because I was in the revision process of Three Chords & the Truth, and that’s not really a good time for me to write a whole new novel. But this year, I’ve got Three Chords & the Truth off to my critique partner and I have a book waiting to be written, so why not? I have about 20% of the plot figured out and there’s no title yet, but hey, it’s NaNo! It’s not time to worry too much about what I’m writing, just that I’m writing. This is about getting words onto the page, not about writing the perfect novel in a month’s time.

Hell, last time I did NaNo, I only wrote 10,000 words. If I can even manage to finish NaNo while also working full time and doing other adult life things, I’ll be surprised. But I’m sure going to try!

You can find my NaNoWriMo profile here, if you want to be my writing buddy.  Good luck to anyone else participating!


❤ Elle Bennett



Indie Spotlight: Elle Bennett and Hammers and Heartstrings

A Novel Haul

Today’s post is all about brand new author, Elle Bennett, and her NA book Hammers and Heartstrings, which was released on 3rd April!

About the book

Ipressed down on the keys and heard the notes resonate from inside the piano, the hammers and strings straining to work after years of sitting in dust.”

April O’Connell never expected to be on tour with a band. After all, she’s not a musician anymore. Her piano is in the past, and her future is listening to music, not making it. When she runs into Andrew Washington at a show, she finds herself doing two things she swore she’d never do – dating a musician and going on tour. But his band is local, small, unsigned. She doesn’t think that dating him could possibly turn her past into her present, let alone into her future.

But April’s heart will forever belong to the…

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Hammers & Heartstrings is out now!

Four days ago, Hammers & Heartstrings went live. My debut novel is out! I had this story in my heart for about ten years before I released it for the world to read.

To those who have read and rated it already, thank you. Your support means the world to me.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it yet, that’s okay too! It’s out there for you to read whenever you’d like. If you’d like.

All I ask is that if you’ve read it, please rate it on both Amazon and Goodreads if you can. Ratings and reviews really help, and I’d really appreciate it.

If you still need to get the book, it’s available on Kindle (or the Kindle app!) and in paperback. You can also get it for free on Kindle Unlimited if that’s your thing. Click on the cover below to purchase/read!




Thank you so much for reading!


❤ Elle Bennett